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Edition 126

Edition 127

Edition 128

Edition 129 ( Colombian Gold’s Original Video)

Edition 130

Edition 131

The original Santa Myrickman Series: Editions 132-135 ( from 2015…the Santa Myrickman Series each year consists of what I consider to be my best videos. In certain years however, that can be very difficult to determine and opinions will vary.

Edition 132

Edition 133

Edition 134 ( Colombian Gold Episode 2)

Edition 135 (Borricua Boobs: The 2015 video of the year…I will be re-editing this video soon as it was not edited properly)

Edition 136 was the original Eliteasses Trailer (released in need to reupload.)

Edition 137

Edition 138

Edition 139 ( this is Edition 120 re-released at the proper bitrate)

Edition 140: (Polish Barbie’s second video…November 2015)

Edition 141: ( The first Polish Barbie video…August 2015)

Edition 142

Edition 143

Edition 144 (Featuring the Gamestop Boob Girl)

Edition 145

Edition 146( From July 2014…Aka Mollywoodz…first time she ever appeared online. At this time she was almost certainly all-natural.

Edition 147: My JOA: Follow-up to Edition 44…best lower body of any subject I’ve ever put online

Edition 148

Edition 149

Edition 150: ( entering the 2018 candid season, still the top body on either of my sites..the only subject I’ve put online who tops Calienteperfecte even when she was in her candid prime)