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One of my new fan pages is on Tumblr now.


Fullbodycaptures  has now been “rebooted” as my other site has now entered a new phase designed to make the content level even more comparable to Uptown. Make sure you’re aware of what’s going on there as that site now has a content type to distinguish it from Uptown more than in the past. Make sure you know what’s going on there:

Make sure you check the slideshows on both of my sites. Any pics shown in the slideshow for each of my sites are taken from videos that will be, or are already exclusively on that site; or the video will be a dual site update available on both sites. Always check the slideshows after I have released any major promotional video, such as the All-Dominican Trailer, the Eliteasses Trailer, the Early Trailer, etc.

Slideshow updated on January 13, 2019

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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252 thoughts on “Front Page

    • Hi. I appreciate your business. You should be able to download everything now by probably already figured that out..let me know if you still have a problem.

      • Hi rickman i have not been able to download any videos for the past week or so reaches about quarter of the way then stops when you try to play back errors box comes up. pls help

          • Yeah still had problem contacted you again on twitter after no response Blakey Daley gave up trying to view membership expired may try again with Firefox

          • Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner. Using firefox should solve the problem. I don’t know why, but Chrome in particular has been giving people problems on Uptown for a long time. I don’t know about Fullbodycaptures, but that problem has been going on with Uptown for a long time.

      • I think you may have emailed me about this and I forgot to respond promptly, but I was about to. I get asked this a lot, but as I’ve said in the past, I prefer to not tell people what equipment I use in a specific sense. What I will say though is that action cams are tremendously overrated these days and Sony is not the best brand. There is no action cam available that has legit high-end quality; even if you use the maximum quality setting and render your videos with maximium quality.

    • Some of the vids in the slideshow are a few months away…I have alot of stuff to get to from last year that people have been waiting on..there are some vids from the slideshow that are coming soon though..the video of the chick in the wallpaper will be posted within the next few weeks..

  1. hey dude the k-lite pack codec doesn’t work on mac…was wondering if there are any alternative to get the videos working? thanks in advance!

      • hey thanks for replying..the k-lite pack doesn’t work on mac. Also, I’ve tried idealshare before i posted this message but it requires me to subscribe to it to convert videos that are longer than 5 minutes long (a lot of your videos). I don’t understand though because your files are all mp4 files and I have VLC i don’t know why I can’t play them. let me know and thanks!

        • That download link I sent to you was for k-lite for mac not windows, but assuming that you have downloaded that and tried it, I need to know if you can watch .mov files. Download the .mov file for Edition 133 and try to watch it

          • hey man it says “I’m not allowed to access this file” when I attempted to download the MOV file (by clicking on it). Again, thanks for your time and i hope to watch your vids soon!

          • Alright I fixed that problem. I hadn’t made it available by mistake, so see if you can watch it.

          • hey rickman tried using mozilla and it fixed the problem for me! QUALITY STUFF i’ll be subscribing long term. thanks a lot

    • yo where you been man? I’ll be honest and say that I’ve been waiting on you to put that video up. It will be up within the next week as now is the right time to put it up anyway

      • Niice….iv been around…I’m always checking the site and the blog..funds are a little tight for the winter so I had to wait but i, up again so I’m in this biatch…saw the elite ass trailer…that first one in the mall….baddddd…how much footage did u get of that sexy thing? And of course Blondie in the skirt giving heart that butt is just too fat..anyway keep it up man lookin forward to what’s ahead.

        • nice to have you back and I understand that we all need to have our priorities straight without a doubt. I’m sure you will notice that I’ve put up some vids on here that most people regard as “must haves” since you were last on here, especially those vids I released around Christmas time. Now, the chick in the mall I’ll tell you..sometimes it takes a real ass guy to notice how good certain asses are..there’s a reason why she took the lead in one of my most important trailers. Guys are asking about other chicks in the vid but nobody has asked about her..I mean, she also is at the beginning of the slideshow..that’s because that ass is special..really special..premium colombian booty..I got a good video done too. I would have to go and take another look at that video to know exactly, but that video is legit. It’s at least about 1min and I’m right up on her though which is not in the trailer. The only reason why it isn’t a long vid is because she was leaving the mall when I was doing the’ll see

        • I update every 2 to 3 days in general. When I go past that, I normally put up 2 updates or a particularly good video to make up for it. I do not slow down because it’s cold out here in New York either. That has to do with how active I am when the weather is warm and how good my location knowledge is.

  2. How long for the slim purple dress vid (not the ‘rainy day’ one)? I NEED to see her again, kind sir…and also the blue two-piece bikini babe.

    • The purple dress video from the Dominican Trailer is something I have to be really careful with. Edition 116 is not even half as good as this video is. It could be my most intense video as I think I’ve mentioned to somebody before. That vid is going to require some significant editing, but I’ll get to it. I’m thinking maybe mid march, but definitely not now. It’s not time yet. The bikini chick from the slideshow is one I forgot about. That vid is legit though and to be honest I should have already put that one up at this point. I’ll get to that next week.

  3. Hi,

    I have a macbook and I am having issues watching the videos on vlc and quicktime. The k lite pac you suggested we download does not work for macs. Is there anything i can do to get them working?

    • Starting with Edition 150, all videos are in quicktime mp4 format, so you should be able to view them. Can you play any of those videos? I need to know that

  4. Tried 155 and it did not work with either vlc or quicktime. The majority of the files I cannot watch whether before or after 150 are not working

    • can you watch the mov files? You should at least be able to watch those. Can you play the mov file for edition 1?

  5. Some of the mov files work and some don’t. Its really strange. I’m going to download number 1 now and see if it works.

  6. Around when should be expect to see the next edition(s)? I love me some big bouncy jiggly wiggly boobs man! 😀 Like I say, I like girls who are blessed in the chest! lol 😀

    • I’m getting my update schedule back to normal now. I will be getting it back to every 2 to 3 days very soon. I always have boobs coming..always. I will always be the guy to come to for that and I’ll go ahead and release a major boob video this week

      • Badass! I love your work, man! This is the best stuff I’ve ever seen, better than anything in youtube. So glad I discovered your site, it was from watching a youtuve vid and it had the name of your site on it. Thanks for what you do man, can’t get enough of this stuff! 😀

  7. Hey Rick great work, keep em comin’ Have you ever come across any other candid shooters in your area? I bet these ladies get plenty of attention!

    • I don’t know what you mean by “your area”. If you mean New York City, I know about the pro guys who do vids here. I don’t know any of them personally, but I’ve communicated with one of them who most candid fans would consider to be closest to me in terms of how good his videos are. At parades and festivals and such, if you do these vids professionally, it is always possible that you will notice another pro shooter doing vids and I have. However, if you’re talking doing vids on the streets, things are very different. I have already made it known that I will not tolerate any pro shooters in my main location in the city on a regular basis. Come here once in a blue moon, that’s fine. But coming here on a regular basis is not happening. Seeing other pro shooters in other locations on the streets..I don’t want them around me, but those I consider “neutral” areas..if they are there, they are there..just don’t like it when I’m going for a chick and then I notice another shooter going for the same girl..I don’t need that. That just happened the other night, and it seemingly was some amateur guy who didn’t know what the hell he was doing and he cost me a significant video.

      • Dont worry about that amateur dude man, if its an ass worth filming and thick, continue to shoot it!

    • The girl in the grey in the banner pic will not be on this site, but she will be on the new site when I launch it. I just couldn’t resist putting up that picture though. There’s a lot to know about that video too, and all of that will be in the introduction to the video on Fullbodycapture

      • Alright gotcha! Yeah she’s definitely a diamond, i can see why you couldn’t resist lol. Oooooh, i’ll keep on eye on that launch.

  8. Just so you know, that sort of thing you just mentioned is for amateurs..that’s the kind of thing they do..I don’t know where the hell that one came from

      • I haven’t posted her new video yet on Fullbody, which I already know people are waiting on because of the popularity she has on here. On this site, she’s in Edition 88 and 72.

  9. Bro, i just saw the cover page of uptowncandid, when you posting that one, the one you just put on the cover? Please post it man

  10. Let a brotha know when you post the video of the new chick from the cover page. Ill get my membership when its posted!

    • Just to let people know, as I know some people are wondering about her, the chick on the front page is more “decoration” for this site than anything else. I caught her late. I can tell based on a certain bag she was carrying, that I probably missed out on at least 3 to 5 minutes of footage of her, but it happens sometimes. The most disappointing vids of 2016 are, without question, her vid and the time I saw Edition 146 in July. Edition 146, for those who are curious..her body is nearly identical to the chick on the front page now. Those are the only two asses I can think of that I have ranked higher than the Sea-Saw Milf right now. I will put the vid up though as at least I got something.

    • The Christmas vids will always be on Uptown, but the Christmas Day video will be on both sites. I’m about to start working on the boob trailer. In fact, I’m a little late on that, but it won’t take as long to get done as the other two I released recently. Those two, especially the All-Dominican, those two took a lot of work to get done.

    • As of right now, I’m not offering joint access to both sites, but I may offer some type of discount in the future. So Fullbody is separate deal right now.

    • Very soon. It will be in a compilation video soon because I did not get as much of her as I wanted. Some people may know who that is as I’ve talked about her a lot lately

  11. Wuz good myrickman. Im sure others have asked about the chick in the orange on the front page. Any info on who she is? You can also email me. Thanks.

    • She’ll be in a compilation vid that I’m planning on being Edition 244. She’s not new as people will find out. Some people may already know who she is but I’ll reveal it when I put that compilation video up.

  12. Question for the Candid GOAT- Before I join up all I wanna know is: is payment discreet? Like, if I join will I get “BIg booty bitches” all up on my bank statement?

    • Thanks for the appreciation. You should only see “Uptownplayground.Inc” on a bank statement. I understand wanting to be discreet too

  13. Where’s the milf in blue denim jeans ? ( lace top ) with her family ? She was in the compilation Video and on your full body captures site as a still ?

  14. The girl in Edition 237 looks especially heavenly to me, so much so that she alone might warrant a membership renewal. What’s your honest review on that complete video? Is it lengthy?

    • It has good length. People know that it is one of my best ass vids. That video has done extremely well, one of the most downloaded since this site opened. You should know this, but she is also in 240 and 247.

    • Fullbody is a separate site. I’m not doing joint access to both sites at this time. My videos can be large in file size sometimes. The longest videos can be between 600mb and over 1gb. Most videos are between 200mb and 5oomb

    • Probably incomplete downloads. Make sure you have the codec pack installed as well. Try another browser if you have to. Chrome has given people problems with incomplete downloads on this site in the past. Firefox or Internet Explorer are recommended

    • I saw her recently, so she’s around. I’ll probably get a good vid of her this year, but I want her to look different than what I’ve seen in the past.

    • I’ve been planning on doing that for a while now. I’m also redesigning both of my sites to make them look better

  15. whens your next update fam, im new to the site but just curious as your last post was made in feb 🙂 thanks

    • Yeah it’ll be there soon cuz I want all my fans to know what’s going on nowadays. Be on the lookout man cuz I’m about to start clone stompin this year. Tired of playing games with these guys. Tryin to outshine me on the Dominicans by cloning me out like that…you gotta be more silly than Lavar Ball just to even try that shit

        • You better believe it man. Not holding back as many vids as before. I’ll still take over the game late in the year no doubt…still gonna be an All-Dominican Trailer, Eliteasses Trailer, Etc, but this year I WILL BE MORE CONSISTENT DURING THE SUMMER…I have no choice and some of you know exactly what the hell I’m talking about and they done pissed off the o.g. I’ll tell you all this..I don’t like Recycle Candid Guys..

        • And to let everyone know, I’m finally here. I just got to Miami and I’m settling in. I will drop at least one video from down here from I head back up north. I’m working on the next full-length video now. This weekend is really something to look forward to. No true street-level shooter has ever done South Beach or anywhere in South Florida. You guys are in for something you’re not used to seeing. I should be putting out a trailer for my South Florida vids next week..It’s part of kicking this candid season off with the proper bang I’m looking for. I’m about to explode during this next month…and this is ME sure as hell should know by now how much weight those words carry when I use them

  16. Ay man I gotta ask u the hardest question of em all whats the best ass u ever got on cam or seen in real life, like some goodly type shit, shit phat and got a nice ass curve type shit.

    • Very difficult question to answer..I would have to think about that one and get back to you, so check again for another response soon, but Edition 146 as shown in Edition 245 is up there with the all time best candid booty sightings…although it is a failed video by my standards.

  17. Hey man

    Love your site, been a member since early 2015 and plan to continue, however, I subscribed to both your sites last month expecting different content to be uploaded to both, but that wasn’t the case. Most of the stuff going onto Uptown was on FBC so I feel like I got cheated for the $25 signing up on Uptown… I see you say the slides now list what will be on each site but there is still some copies..


    • Some updates are going to be dual site updates..I forgot to mention that. For example, the pawg chick with the bikini will be on both sites, because of the significance of the update. You’re also talking about a time within the past month and a half or so when A LOT has been going’s been difficult for me to get my updates straight and other things, but now I’m starting to settle things back down. Fullbodycaptures needs to be promoted ALOT more and I’ll be doing that soon and now I’m about to balance out the content level on both sites. My trip to Miami definitely slowed me down as far as tending to both sites, so when things like this happen and I get overwhelmed by how busy I am, the best way to update is to do a dual site update..I’m admitting that…that’s obviously because it’s less work for me. Like I said though, things are finally settling down though and I’m about to start releasing some of the marquee material I’ve ever shot. It’s a situation where my productivity over the past two months or so, doesn’t match up with what I’ve put up, but you guys know how serious things can get with me when I’m on a roll, and remember that I was on a “roll” roughly between August of last year until sometime recently. The guys who know the candid biz know that I was pretty much carrying the business on my back during that time period..that is no secret now man..even other pro shooters know that, whether they want to admit to it or not. I’m now about to go another roll, earlier than people are used to from me. I just had to accumulate the content. So, after settling back down, you will rarely see dual site updates. I want both of my sites to have their own clear value.

  18. I really like your staff. How many videos do you have currently available for download in the members area?? are they only the 265 like the number of samples?

      • I suggest you make one membership for both sites. The Fullbodycaptured have a very poor content (70 vids only) and some of them are in uptownplayground. If you can offer us this merged membership it would be great and for sure it will encourage people to subscribe more in your wonderful content

        • 70 videos that are on the level of a bunch of the videos on Fullbodycaptures does not constitute “poor” content. Quality over quantity. That’s been heard before. As people know, a video like Edition 2 on Fullbodycaptures is worth more than a bunch of videos you can get elsewhere COMBINED. People know that some of my all-time best vids are on Fullbodycaptures and now I’m balancing the content quality on both sites. That site by the way now has over 80 videos..I’m in the process of updating the samples area. Offering one membership for this amount and level of content would be unreasonable for me..especially considering how productive I am during any given year.

          • The Quality of your work is not a subject to discuss. You have the best quality ever. I want to be a regular member on both sited if you grantee continuous updates on weekly basis with good frequency

          • There are times when I get very busy and I can fall behind a bit on updates but I update at a reasonable rate. I try to update every 2 to 3 days. When I don’t update within 2 to 3 days, I try to put up two updates to make up for the delay. However, emergencies happen, unforeseen circumstances happen…I do keep everyone informed though when I’ve really fallen behind on updates about what has happened to cause that.

    • No sub to either of my sites at this point would I consider a waste. If you’re thinking about waiting me out until after I put out the All-Dominican and Eliteasses Trailers and start releasing a lot of my top-tier vids for this year, I would not do that. I have plenty of good videos coming before that time. Some guys think I don’t know what they’re up to, but they just wait until late in the year for me to release a lot of my top-tier stuff…I don’t appreciate guys passing through like that. I have a lot of guys who show me loyalty, so it’s not like the passing through guys are the majority, but I don’t like guys doing that at all. Keep in mind that in general, these are guys who are really flunkies of other sites at least some of whom were stupid enough to doubt me when I was putting in the work that I had to do to reach the level I’m on now. This year though, I may have a little surprise for at least one of those guys.

  19. HI myrickman30, I appreciate your hard work on fullbodycapture and on this one. I am currently a member on fullbodycapture and hoping to see more of the girl on ed 250 on uptown as she was featured on the trailer :). is there any way to get the full clip for ed 250 without being a member of uptown as I am not in great position to become a member of uptown? Thanks for your consideration and keep up with your good work!.

    • I understand not wanting to see somebody you know on a site like this, but there is no need to lie about someone’s age like that. People from around the neighborhood know she’s not 16. I know she’s not 16. People know she has a daughter who is obviously at least 5 or 6 years old, so she had her when she was 11? I took care of the issue though.

  20. hello friend I have seen the previews of your videos and honestly I think they are very good I would like to know how I can pay for the access because I honestly do not have credit card or debit I would like to know if you receive any deposit through a bank as I say no I have a card of any type I could only deposit in cash the question is if you receive this type of payment or you could give me another option to access your videos I leave my mail if you could please answer I would appreciate it friend
    thank you for your attention greetings from mexico

    Pd.Excuse my English but use the Google friend translator

  21. I hope youre posting that 2nd chick of the slideshow, the one with the black leggings with white panties showing soooooooooonnnnnnnn my lord

  22. I’m a new member.
    First of all I love the videos! Without a doubt the best candid website on the internet, your skills at capturing ass and tits are unrivaled. You find the fattest most juicy asses and I love it. I joined 4 days ago and let’s just say I’ve gone through a lot of lotion! Lol. Anyways do u have any jeans videos upcoming? Your jeans videos are my favorite. Love the site!

    • I honestly thought this was spam at first so I apologize for that, but I don’t like getting into specifics about what equipment I use…people know that I have a history of being vague when I discuss “candid equipment” and I never discuss technique at all. I also have a known history of bashing guys for relying on action cams so that’s gives you an idea of where I’m coming from.

  23. Hey Rickman

    signed up again buddy. would love to see the video with the black chick with the ridiculously poked out booty. Any chance we can get that one soon?

  24. Thanks I appreciate. And to be clear I am West Indian and the phrase Black is used for anybody with dark skin with no negative connotations although I understand things may be different in the States.

    • I get what you saying but when I use the term “Black”, I’m talking about African-Americans…I think most people think the same least here in the United States, and especially in New York. People don’t call a Jamaican or a Haitian or a Trinidadian Black in New York and I’ve mentioned this before and I’m not exaggerating at all..there are Jamaican chicks here in New York that can’t stand being called Black..that’s just the way it is. When you call them that, they consider that a sign of being ignorant or perhaps even a lack of respect for their culture. That’s why I’m always careful about what I say to certain chicks when I’m getting to know them and I can’t tell if they are Black or West Indian in situations when the subject matter involves race. But I definitely understand things are probably different outside of the U.S.

  25. Hey man, I know updating the samples area is hard and takes a long time, that’s fine, take your time as long as it’s fire. But it would be really cool if non-members could at least check out thumbnails for latest releases when they go up, often a good thumbnail is all it takes to join back up.

    • I’m about to update the samples area on both sites. I will straighten this update rate out on my samples, but I take pride in putting up legit samples..I don’t throw up stuff and hope it sticks

  26. I just bought a standard membership for your site but it’s saying that it doesn’t recognize my log in and I was emailed my receipt? This is my receipt number 0688-3119-7210-5522

    • You joined Fullbodycaptures. That’s my other site. I just looked up the info about your payment. Your login info should work there. I cannot switch memberships or offer refunds because both sites feature downloadable content.

      • I’m tryin the log in I signed up for but it’s saying it’s non recognizable my username is kingkng10 but it’s not pulling it.. can you email me a temp login ?

          • Yes! None of my info is pulling up on fullbodycaptures!! it’s like paypal took the money but had me sign up first and never saved my login that’s why I’m messaging you to see if it’s active because nothings works on my end

  27. Your time is good … I saw yor two very excellent sites
    Uptownplayground and fullbodycaptures …
    and I have a question … When I subscribe to your first site, can I access the second site with the same subscription or must I subscribe to the second site with a new account and pay again ??

  28. fuck this is stressful ; i just wrote a deeply worded statement on how much you have affected my life , let me see if i can paraphrase myself : ” Hey myrickman , i am grateful to have a man with your intelligence doing this shit for the people , im a candid shooter and i think we became them for the same reasons , it wasnt money it wasnt notoriety but to capture amazing ass , for me it was to capture the creations from the lord above in a timeless vacuum , i get great comfort knowing the incredible videos i have are mine until i cease to exist , i hope to share some with you but i cant even fathom the ass youve witnessed . if you are ever looking for a protege please give me a chance im good at adapting to situations i think quick on my feet and i work good under pressure which is all the candid game is when u work in stores , u work more outside which is a little more casual but ive seen you get into some sticky situations where im like “how the hell doe he do it !” your work ethic is impeccable your innovation is laudatory and your passion and knowledge for the game speaks for itself thank you thank you thank you , i cant wait until the day i can subscribe to your pages which will be soon , i hope we can keep up a correspondence as humans although as peers you are lightyears ahead thank you for paving the way -Stone

  29. i entered my email wrong on my first attempt which is why i said ” this is stressful” i didnt think i could express what i wanted to a 2nd time but alas i could big ups !

    • My file sizes are relatively large compared to most sites, because of the level of quality. The average file size is probably between 400-700mb, but my longest and most serious videos are known to be at least 1gb.

  30. I forget to ask ..
    When i subscribe with u can i download all videos with my android samsumg tab s3 ? Or may will be some errors during download ? Beqause i readed someone here said something like that …
    Thanks man

  31. Hi
    When i became a member can i use my samsung tab s3 to download videos? Or must i use computer for downloads ?

    • Sorry for taking this long. If you download an app I’ve put up on my sites, you can download the videos to your phone. You obviously need space though. Due to the space limitations on phones as compared to pc, you should be using a pc or laptop while putting only the videos you value most on your phone.

  32. Could you discuss how the camera sees vs. how you see something with your own eyes. Focal Length vs. wide angle vs. aspect ratio. Because if you mess with all of those aspects with your own camera, its never going to be as good as your own natural eye see’s it.

  33. Hello myrickman, do you have an email I can reach you with. I’d like to ask a private question.
    Thank you.

  34. Always wanted to know what type of camera you used. I must say, you’re quiet the craftsman when it comes to not being seen. Recently i was watching some footage from another candid site and there you were doing your thing. I finally got a glimpse of the camera and the lens. The secret is safe and keep doing your thing.

    • I don’t know what situation you’re talking about but I use different setups..nobody knows all my setups. I only allow people to see what I don’t mind them seeing. I have never been seen using certain setups I don’t want people seeing. There are times when people may think that I don’t notice them..but I know if I’m on camera. That’s because I know what shooters look like and that includes amateur shooters who may not even know that I know about them.

      • You and another shooter was shooting the same chick. You was on the right hand side and he was on the left. Looked as if y’all both said, F’it this ass is too epic lol. Your video was longer of course and a lot more cinematic. I won’t reveal the site or the specific video i seen you in. I’m an amateur and to us your like…..the guy. Got mad respect man. Your setup is smooth by the way.

  35. I know what your set up is like, its dope. I know what camera you’re using too. From 1 great to other i appreciate your work! Are you still uploading to this? I wanna purchase if you are! I love watching candids just as good as mine..

    • Like I’ve said before nobody knows all my setups. I only allow people to see what I don’t mind people seeing and don’t mention other guys who are trying to do me like that as if we are partners or something…I have copycat guys out here who are not partners of mine at all and the fact that you just mentioned one of them in a way that suggests that you think we are partners means that you probably are mistaking me for someone else. There is only one pro shooter I’m cool with right now and that is Versatile..and his partner seems to be cool too although we haven’t spoken to each other yet. Whether you know who Versatile is is up to you but even in the case of Versatile, we are not exactly partners though.

  36. Yo, just saw ed373……..You killed it man!!!! your style is different. your creative is on another level lol

    • Thanks. My trailers do take a lot of work to get done, but they have become something distinctive about my sites and it just came naturally to me to make them how they are.

    • I was probably the first to go after the videoscandidhd guy. I put up info about that guy on my twitter page before any of the other well-known shooters said anything about him. This was also before that candidzone piracy started to blow up. I did not go after him as hard as I could. I was about to get to that soon though.

    • I’m about to put up a non-members area on both of my sites very soon. It may be up today. This will be updated as I update each site, so it will be updated more frequently than the samples areas. Both of my sites are always updating unless I’ve posted a notice on the front page indicating otherwise. A lot of people have wanted me to do this, so I’m taking care of it.

    • Non-Members Area is finally available. I will get around to getting the pages in order in the drop down menu very soon.

    • I’m working on the All-Dominican now and it should be out soon. Can’t give an exact date though. The Eliteasses Trailer is another matter

  37. Hey man! What’s the News with that trailer?! I havent beat off in a month waiting for it smh…come on man. I’m stressed

    • I’m going for December 1st..I had to push it back this year. All the clips are actually done for it, but I’m waiting for somebody to do something for me before I release it. Somebody is doing something for me that will be included in the video.

    • Hey Gio…yeah I just put it out. I just haven’t put it up in the non-members area. I’ll let people know on twitter too.

  38. In the All Early 2018 Trailer #373 near the end you recorded the “jiggling colombiana” who wears a just a thong and body paint in NYC. I’ve been holding out, hoping to join whenever her video came out. Any news on when you plan on releasing her video?

  39. I tried to leave a comment but doesn’t look like it worked. I’m wondering when the “jiggling colombiana” from the All Early 2018 Trailer will be relesed. You know, the phat booty that only wears a thong and body paint with “NYC” on her ass…

    • I plan on putting that one out in early January. Getting that video up will take time for different reasons so I will be starting to work on it within the next few days.

    • There are many-not some, there are many videos on Fullbodycaptures that are not on Uptownplayground. Some of my best videos are on Fullbodycaptures as people know. This has been the case since Fullbodycaptures was launched in August of 2016. However, just recently in this month of January, Fullbodycaptures has a clear-cut different focus than Uptown does. Fullbody’s focus is on events while Uptown’s focus is on street-level candids. Some people may have noticed that I was moving in this direction anyway, as a lot of my event videos have been put on Fullbodycaptures-I’ve just expanded the range and improved the quality of the events I do. This is one of the reasons why each site will not only have plenty of exclusive content, but also, each site can appeal to a different type of audience. Fullbody will now appeal to guys who are into white girls, for example, more than Uptown will, as nearly all of my edm candids will be on Fullbodycaptures. The only videos that will appear on both sites are particularly significant updates, which has always been the case anyway.

    • Yes, all the videos are downloadable in the members area. Both of my sites, Uptownplayground and Fullbodycaptures, are also compatible with phones now for streaming. I also know of a way to download videos on phones as well and I will be putting that information up soon for everyone to see.

  40. Was the “Jiggling Colombiana” from the All Early 2018 trailer released yet? The one with the thong and body paint.

    I’m waiting on that one but it’s hard to tell when the members area is updated (is the last slideshow also the last member update, or are slideshows also previews of vids to come? Do the sample areas have all the latest member updates, or not)

    Anyway if you can let us know. I’m interested in that ass a.
    whole lot.

    • One reason I asked is cuz I also posted in DDecember and you said you were trying to do it by Ianuary, so I thought maybe it happened but just not on the front page

    • You have options. If you have IOS, you can install firefox on the phone. Once you have firefox, you can tap and hold on the download links. After that, you select the “download link” option. You have to tap on the link again to get the download prompt to show up. You shouldn’t have to hold this time. Then you download it. If you install the “total files” app, it works in a similar way that you should be able to figure out. Both of these options are available for android too. If you use firefox, after the video downloads, you have to select the “downloads” tab in firefox. Then you choose “save video”. Then firefox adds the video to your photos album. The video is placed in your photos album according to the date when it was posted.

  41. I recently subscribed and really enjoy the content but a lot of the earlier vids are skipping like they have glitches of some sort, all of the newer ones i download play with no problem.

    • I’m working on it. Believe it or not I’m working on it right now while multi-tasking with an overnight job. It should be online within the next few hours.

    • Non members area is updated with preview pics not videos. The purpose is to keep people up to date more frequently with what’s in the members area as making sample videos takes more time

  42. so should I be worried about using an actual credit card / paypal to pay for membership? What is this site gets hacked or something? Will my personal info get leaked? This is the only thing making me hesitant to buy a membership

    • My sites are secure and have never been hacked because I take the proper precautions to avoid that. I’ve been online for over 4 years and nothing like that has ever happened.

  43. Hi. Some previews of all your videos. I want to see to decide. Thank you.

    The girl in the banner above is in your videos?

    • I have a samples area which is more than decent…that is known. You should see the samples area in the front page menu. You just navigate through it. There should be a sample video up for every video. One here or there may be missing, but the samples area is legitimate on both of my sites. Keep in mind that my samples have become better over time. The girl in the banner is not up yet as she will be in a trailer that people know I call the “Early Trailer” in a few weeks. Her full length video will be up soon after that as that video is a very important part of the new things I’m doing in 2019.

  44. hey i was a member till november last year. how many videos have you uploaded since then. and how often do u upload

    • if you allow a year to go by without being on here, you’re looking at least approximately 80 videos…I try to update every 2 to 3 days.

  45. Hi,
    Membership in works also on or not ?

    Thanks for your work bro.

  46. Ok Sir !

    Si, I have to pay 24,95 $ on both sites to see and download all your masterpieces !
    49,90$ for 30 days, more expensive than a pornsite bro …

    • They are separate sites. You don’t have to join each of them on the same day. You can always join whichever site you haven’t joined yet at another time in the future.

      • No, I want all things right now bro ! 🙂

        I also do candid videos bro and I have an expert eye and I see the quality of some of your videos … so i will invest.

        And I have an idea for you : what do you think about create a website where all candid video maker can contribute with their own video, but you are the moderator and you chose only the quality, pure asses and boobs ?

    • Dealing with a technical problem right now. I can’t use the theme I’ve been using pretty much since this site went online until I take care of it hopefully soon.

      • Hey man I think I saw you on Fordham Road between Jerome and Grand Avenue this past Saturday afternoon following some fatty.
        Skinny dude goatee black basketball shorts with white headohones.

        • That wasn’t me and people know that I do not do that area much anymore for different reasons…guys under my influence need it, I do not. People who watch the 2019 Early Trailer know where my head is these days. And I’m far from skinny by the way.

  47. Hi,

    We are looking for content for a bootywalk video. Our company is an urban model introduction service, new and a start up called Your eye for curves is banging…. Needless to say, we love your work and would like to know if there is a way that we can get a short clip like max 20- 30 seconds. If possible can you let us know what your terms are or if we can give video credit to you or if paid how much and if paid can we remove any credits or will it still need to be featured in the video? Our demographic is men ages 30 and up and we recruit curvy urban models for our projects. FYI: This is not a porn site or an escort site. We are in the process of revamping our site but take a look as we would love to give you credit if your inclined. Share traffic and whatnot, maybe do some more business in the near future..

    We thank you in advance for your consideration and response. We look forward to possibly working with you.

    Chief Marketing Officer

  48. Hey is it possible I can work out a membership payment with bitcoin? Doesn’t even have to be bitpay or one of those commercial processors…f I can just send you the payment amount privately I’d appreciate it. I can’t use the other payment methods. Hope u can help a perv out lol

    • I wonder about being asked that right now…look at the banner pic on the front page and I’ve already put up vids from there. It’s also shown in the 2019 Early Trailer. I’ve been there, but not a committed level, for over a decade. The area has never been exploited on the professional level, but that already changed this year…people just have to wait until November and beyond for me to show the evidence. Guys in New York doing candids, especially these Fordham scrubs, do not know much about that area and I have more experience there than anyone else..It just wasn’t the right time to exploit that area in the past. There are different reasons why I’ll be the first major shooter to put the spotlight on that area…it was just meant to be. I should not be seeing anybody doing candids around there on the regular as no notable shooter, amateur or pro, has ever focused on that area…all that’s been goin on is a few guys dabbling..that’s all anybody has been doing there. The first vid I ever posted from there was Edition 251:. That’s from 2016, but posted in early 2017.

  49. I’m having a issue with my subscription please need refund or fix my subscription that I paid for been waiting since yesterday from today’s date

    • She’ll be in the Eliteasses Trailer for this year, so it won’t be out until sometime in November. The Eliteasses Trailer will be put out in November as it always should be. I was way too late last year.

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