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Edition 112 Vol 2

Edition 113 Vol 2

Edition 114 Vol 2: The Sinnacity Intro Trailer


I fixed the security header error encountered during joining Sinnacity. I apologize for the oversight.

Edition 115 Vol 2


I think I fixed an issue with the comments. The last few comments I had to delete those in fixing the problem. Comment on the post or on whatever page you want to comment on and now I think it will show up right. Anybody who just commented recently, you need to repost those comments as I didn’t reply yet and don’t remember them. This has to do with switching themes for this site recently.

Edition 116 Vol 2: Anyone who commented recently and I didn’t respond, just comment on this post as I’m checking to see if the comments work properly.

Edition 117 Vol 2

Edition 118 Vol 2

Edition 119 Vol 2

Edition 120 Vol 2

Edition 121 Vol 2