Edition 25 Vol 2: Edition 23 in 2019..discovered in 2011 or 2013




Uptownplayground Edition 25 Vol 2

If you watched the 2018 Dominican Trailer, you know that I have another video of her from that year I still haven’t put up. I also have another one from that year that nobody knows about though….plus other vids I’ve done of her over roughly the past seven years at least. The two I did in 2018 will get put up, but the other ones would only appear in an upcoming archive section I’m putting up. The archive will have old to very old footage in it, that I deem significant, which has never appeared online. The archive will date back to the mid-2000’s.

2.09gb mp4

Edition 14 Vol 2: I’m not a Rickman Jr…

Had a lot of trouble getting this video up, especially because of no ethernet connection, but it finally is and it is one of my most significant. Due to covid-19, I have to wait for a while to get an ethernet connection after having moved during Covid, but I’m getting by. That’s not the main reason why I slowed down lately though. This video’s editing process took a lot of time, so it has held me up. There’s some blur around the 5 min mark which is a rendering error that I could fix in the future but it’s not anything significant. I’ll get another update up very soon and then the Early Trailer.

3.07gb mp4