#3: About: Historical Significance and Conceptual Focus (Revised as of December 31, 2019)



In the candid professional business, which is based in New York, there are only a few who are legacy, while most follow, and that includes some who may talk as if they do not. The best way to tell if you’re dealing with someone who is legacy in this business is to strip them down to what they came up doing as an amateur and assess the value of that in light of the current, saturated and redundant state of things. It is known. When you look around, you can see the influence but only if you really do know who is running this site and what I’ve done from a historical standpoint. Uptownplayground was, is, and always will be the first candid paysite to show a focus on any of the prime Dominican candid areas of New York City. As such, it was, is, and always will be the first site of its kind. As it should be, this is a site that is rich in history. With its focus primarily on street level videos, it provides a historical record of not just what I’ve become relative to everyone else from a technical standpoint; from a conceptual standpoint, in addition to other types of females I’ve focused on over roughly the past seventeen years, such as the Colombians and West Indians, it also covers the essential start and development of the Dominican Street Candid Scene in NYC. That concept has regrettably become the most dominant candid concept here due to the availability of copycat outlets. I was known during the pre-professional days of the New York candid scene, mainly because of my old myrickman30 youtube account which I established in 2010. I disappeared as people remember back in 2011 or 2012. That is when I really established on the Dominicans in New York on the streets-not when this site went online. Keep in mind that I was already focused on the Dominicans before 2010…I brought it to the internet in 2010 knowing that it was worth it. Uptownplayground should of been online in 2011 or at least by sometime in 2012. Editions 1 through 4 on this site were put up on my old youtube account as a “trial run”. My first candid site was not Uptownplayground. My first site, which ended up being a failed project, was Nykittens.com. There are still samples available on youtube that I was putting up to promote that site way back in 2006 and 2007. When I appeared on youtube as myrickman30, I was thinking about breaking through as a pro. I wanted to see how the fans responded to those videos on youtube. What I did not do is title those videos correctly. Those videos, Editions 1 through 4 on this site, all went on to do well on youtube…especially Editions 1 and 2. Edition 2, aka “yummygraypants”, is the first Dominican candid booty vid done in any of the prime Dominican candid areas of NYC to reach classic status within the candid community. All of those videos took much longer to blow up than they would have if I had titled them appropriately. I became impatient and left youtube because I thought they were moving too slow. When I came back to youtube in early 2014 or late 2013, to check on my account, I realized what I had missed. All of the videos had blown up while I was away. If those videos had been titled appropriately, they would have become popular by the end of 2010 or by some time in 2011. It’s not a maybe…this would have happened. Uptownplayground should have been online in 2011, but looking back I understand why it didn’t happen. I wasn’t ready. I wasn’t close to being what I became…the only full-body professional in the history of this business.

Revised December 31, 2019

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  1. I can´t join. I get the following error: This transaction couldn’t be completed. Please redirect your customer to PayPal.

  2. off topic but if you did not already know. Blondie is still around, a few videos surfaced of her on Tumblr lookin like it was from this past winter. Man i hope you get another serious one done with her.

    • My customer service email is: uptowncandids@gmail.com. Keep in mind though that as I’ve told people on my twitter page and on both of my sites in comments, because of the ongoing issue with this candid thief selling my content and that of other pro shooters, I am reasonably delaying certain premium videos from 2017. But I have also said that I can’t delay them but for so long because I do have an obligation to my honest members to put up the content they really want to see soon and I know that people now want to see my premium videos from 2017.

  3. Acho que não fiz a pergunta corretamente, quero saber de quantos vídeos dispõe a área de membros 4.Valeu!!!

  4. E aí irmão beleza?Parabéns pelos 2 sites, já fui membro dos 2.Ja fui assinante de outros sites do mesmo gênero candids,mas nada comparado ao seu excelente trabalho. Pode me informar de quantos vídeos dispõe a área de membros 4?Aguardo resposta para fazer uma nova assinatura.Obrigado.

  5. hey,

    Great blog firstly,
    but I paid for a subscription to your blog, i get message my IP ( has been flagged, I have no idea why or how. Since I just made the payment, everything fine, it sends me back to uptownplayground with that message. Tried in Chrome & IE.

    Is there a way to fix this? Cause as a regular user I think I cannot do anything about it.


    • I have never had this problem on either of my sites. I may have to create a new account with a new username and password for you after I check your payment information. I’ll get back to you soon

      • I’ve managed to get around it now with using a vpn, so I’m able to login now, but apparentely I don’t have the standard membership which is needed to see the content. I can see in my paypal account the payment has happened, so if you need some more info from me on the matter, let me know.

    • I understand that. I was updating consistently every 2 to 3 days for a while. Normally that’s what I do, but I’ve been extremely busy lately. Some of it is doing videos, but I have a life to live too. I’ll be getting things back to normal very soon, but racking up 2016 videos has been very important to me since they have the kind of professional ass footage that people haven’t seen enough for me. It’s not about boob stuff, it’s about the ass footage. Now that I’m using a camcorder again to get this kind of footage, my videos for 2016 and beyond will be significantly better than what I have put up thus far in a general sense. I will be rolling out the results in due time, but getting this work done has been tiresome..it really has been. Keep in mind that I haven’t even finished putting up my 2015 videos yet

      • hello, I really appreciate your work, I too agree that the videos must also take candid face and tits, I wanted chiedwrti more ‘or less the length of your video, thanks

    • You really should be using a desktop or at least a laptop to watch these vids. In that case all you need to do is download the codec pack that I put up a link to on the first members area page or you already the codecs pre-installed on your device if you have a desktop or laptop that was manufactured in recent years. But if you want to watch them on an iphone, you would need to convert them to .mov format. There are file converters out there that can do this. For me to go back and start putting up .mov files for all my vids would be very time-consuming and most people do not watch these vids on smartphones..my videos, especially the boobs videos are really meant to be seen on a desktop.

    • I’m very sorry for the late response but if you know enough about the site, you would know that I am very busy now..I have had a bunch of subscribers from Europe and they haven’t had a problem using paypal. Try to join with your paypal account. If you have problems, contact me again

  6. Hi! i’m having an issue, all the downloads suddenly interrupt and I have to try again, I only have downloaded 1 move since i been here, can you help me? thanks!

    • I’ve had a member tell me that when he was using google chrome, the downloads were not completing and that it is why he wasn’t able to view the videos. Don’t use chrome. Use firefox or internet explorer. However, if the problem is really serious with the interrupted downloads, I would go with internet explorer, since I’ve had a problem with downloading videos on youtube in the past with firefox, but when I used internet explorer, it solved the problem. Let me know what happens.

  7. And how many updates are there in a month/week? And how long are the duration of the movies average? Its not that it are short movies as in the samples? Sorry for all my questions but want to know whats in here 🙂

    • The members area, as is noted on the members area page is generally updated every two to three days…Occasionally, I update even more frequently..Sometimes I may put up 5 updates in two days..It depends on what I want to do…I am known for long movies…my members can tell you that…Short movies are in compilations, but in general, the movies that can stand on their own, are at least 1min and a half long.

  8. How does it work with paypal? I pay you and get user and pass directly? Or i have to wait till you see the payment and send me user and pass?

  9. your site looks awesome, what are the possibilities to join except paypal?
    And if im in do i get the content that is on page samples or is there more?


    • On the front page, it’s noted that I do accept cash through the mail or money orders. To me it is important to provide more than one payment option, since people have different situations and preferences with regard to how they spend their money. The sample page is normally an accurate indication of what is inside the members area. Occasionally I may fall behind by a few vids though. As some people could tell you though, now is a particularly good time to join because I’m getting into my better videos. To understand the process I’ve gone through, you really have to read both “about” pages.

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