#4: About Pt2: The Only Full Body Pro (revising in progress)

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    • Fullbodycaptures is an event-based site now. There will be videos done on the streets on that site just as in the past, but the primary focus of that site is events. Considering the fact that I do different types of events which are attended by different types of people, that site tends to have more racial variety than on Uptownplayground. Uptownplayground is really about street shooting with the focus really being on latinas and west indians, although it is well known that considering my history with the Dominicans in New York City, they will always be focused on more than any other type of subject. The Dominicans make up the core of that site, with other types of latinas and other races mixed in.

  1. I just joined yesterday and I fail to see why the videos I am interested in barely last more than 10 seconds….do you not post videos of each ‘encounter’? Do you only put them as compilations?

    TLDR; videos are tremendously short….yes the compilations/trailers/whatever they are called are excellent but I am interested in individual clips

    • I don’t know what u are looking at. This site is known to have the longest average video length among all the major candid sites and is also known to have the highest average intensity level as well. Both have been emulated elsewhere and that has been the case going back years. You may not even be in the members area and are instead watching samples in my samples areas.

  2. I am trying to locate this clip It is in one of your trailer clips it is a ebony woman with a striped dress blue & beige stripes

    • Well, I got a few good videos done there, including of one chick other guys wanted, but nobody else got. However, I’ll go ahead and admit that I missed out on the best ass there. Someone else got it and you may know who it was. I give credit where credit is due..that was the best ass there and it’s on par with just about any ass I’ve ever posted online, so I do regret missing out..I did not see the damn thing. That rarely happens, when I miss one that good, but I missed that one.

      • Hi Rickman,

        I’m curious to know about what ass you speak in this Rican Parade ? Please send me a mail with a link .. You stay the best in the game bro

        • Thanks. I would prefer not to talk about that chick though. The video from what I remember is nothing serious anyway.

  3. And, brother, I really appreciate your work. I’ll make a signature, can you tell me how many videos the site has, and what is the resolution of the videos? Thanks, and I await the response to make the signature.

    • There’s currently roughly 280 videos in the members area. I just updated the samples area. Keep in mind that I have another site-


      . The resolution is 1080p for all my 2016 videos and those are legit, professional videos. 2015 videos are also 1080p, but the ass footage in them is not as polished as my 2016 videos. The videos from years prior to 2015 are mostly non-hd, non-pro work. Fullbodycaptures has nothing but 2016 and 2017 legit, professional videos. As people know, it took ingenuity and a lot of ambition and work to get to where I’m at and this site shows the progress-from my amateur struggles to being a polished pro in my style.

  4. In this business you have 3 skills:
    you have your own style, you take serious risks and you leave to everybody the right to express himself by leaving opened comments.
    It’s very rare.
    I appreciate that…

    Check out the blog too : uptownplaygroundblogspot
    There are some insane chicks never post like :

    • I appreciate that. A lot of candid fans out here, especially the kind of candid fans I attacked with Editions 174 and 175, they do not understand the risk involved when you’re out here doing videos…that’s even if you are only recording ass. The things some people just don’t get about me is that it’s not just skills and experience..you need to be bold to do full body, boobs, and ass like I do. Your personality is a big factor in this. The reasons why you see girls on here as good as they are and recorded as well as they are recorded in my better videos has to do my location knowledge and skills and experience. Without my main location, and the skills I learned doing candids there for years, you would not see what you see in my best videos I’ve put up so far. My main location, if you’re talking about a defined area where people live, work, etc., has the most pressure and the highest risk level in terms of doing candids among any of the best areas in New York to do videos. That’s not surprising though. The females here are not just the best in New York. Again, if you’re talking about a defined area, these are the premier females in the United States. That’s how good these women are. The idea that you can go out here and record these chicks with my level of detail without a struggle is silliness. You mess around out here in certain parts of New York or at certain events here doing candids without the necessary skill to handle the situation you are in and you’ll find yourself in jail or possibly even worse than that…some people just think this stuff is a joke. My goal was to make candids better than a lot of porn out here. At this point, I know I am accomplishing that, but to do that, there obviously must be a price to pay. This work is very cerebral and some guys just don’t get it. But I see now that people are figuring out the value of what I’m bringing to the table. Now, those two chicks on the blog..I can post both of those within the next two weeks or so. I’ll tell you too that I’ve been racking up some really good videos lately, including the best boob video I’ve done since 135. Things have reached the point that I will be opening up another site soon since I have too much content for one site. The main focus for the new site will be 2016 and beyond. My videos this year are too good for this site right now. I need to show everyone the difference between me in 2016 and beyond and the level of content of prior years. Check the front page slideshow soon and the blog to see what I’m talking about. Some 2016 stuff I will put on here, but there are vids I’ve shot this year that I now have to hold back.

  5. Dude, you do some real great work. What kind of setup do you use to get the boob shots? Must be really impressive since no one seems to notice.

    • Unfortunately, like I’ve told people before, my knowledge of how to do boob vids on this level is what separates me from other candid shooters, so I can’t tell people what I use and how I use it. What I’ve decided to tell everyone interested in my style of doing boob vids is that you can’t rely on only camcorders to learn how to do this. It is needlessly difficult. I know how to use a camcorder now and get boob vids done in my style, but the learning that is required to reach this point is made a lot easier if you commit to using devices other than camcorders..that I can tell you. I give some information about this topic in the intro to Edition 87

  6. Oh and I’m the guy that posted to follow up to Caliente Perfecte with her in the beige body suit. Got thousands of hits before youtube deleted my account and now the video is gone!

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