samples: page 4 last updated Sept 8, 2018

Always look at the bottom of the latest samples page to see when I last updated the samples area. This gives you an idea of what’s in the members area if you’re a former member and are interested in rejoining. Any video in the samples area is in the members area with the notable exception of the preview trailers.

 Edition 1: Calienteperfecte


Edition 2: Yummygraypants


Edition 3: Leopardass


Edition 4: Lilmisstetas


Edition 5


Edition 6


Edition 7


Edition 8


Edition 9


Edition 10


Edition 11


Edition 12


Edition 13


Edition 14


Edition 15


Edition 16


Edition 17


Edition 18


Edition 19


Edition 20


Edition 21


Edition 22


Edition 23


Edition 24


Edition 25


Edition 26


Edition 27


Edition 28


Edition 29


Edition 30


Edition 31

Edition 32

ed32.1 ed32.5

Edition 33


Edition 34


Edition 35


Edition 36


Edition 37: First 1080p

ed37.3 ed37.6

Edition 38


Edition 39


 Edition 40: Caliente Perfecte Episode 2

vlcsnap-2015-04-02-10h09m56s122 vlcsnap-2015-04-02-09h23m23s203

Edition 41: 2013 West Indian Day Parade vol 1


Edition 42: 2013 West Indian Day Parade vol 2


Edition 43



Edition 44: An introduction to a very special booty


Edition 45


Edition 46


Edition 47



Edition 48


Edition 49


Edition 50




Edition 51



Edition 52


Edition 53


Edition 54


Edition 55


Edition 56


Edition 57


Edition 58



Edition 59



Edition 60


Edition 61



Edition 62


Edition 63


Edition 64


Edition 65 is the Hd Transition Trailer 3 on youtube and on the blog

Edition 66


Edition 67


Edition 68: The conclusion of the 2014 116th street festival



Edition 69


Edition 70



Edition 71


Edition 72


Edition 73


Edition 74


Edition 75


Edition 76


Edition 77


Edition 78

Edition 79


Edition 80


Edition 81


Edition 82


Edition 83


Edition 84


Edition 85


Edition 86


Edition 87


Edition 88: The “workout chick”: follow-up to edition 72



Edition 89



Edition 90 is the All-Dominican Trailer

Edition 91: Caliente Perfecte episode 3


Edition 92



Edition 93



Edition 94


Edition 95


Edition 96



Edition 97



Edition 98 is the All-West Indian Trailer

Edition 99



Edition 100





42 thoughts on “samples: page 4 last updated Sept 8, 2018

    • u sure u looked at the samples page? There’s some serious stuff there…some good vids have been put up since your sub ended. I’m into the 2013 stuff now, some of which is really good..but the elite 2014 stuff is coming soon while I’m already doing 1080ps. Check the slideshow soon..I just got a really good 1080p tonight..Some pics of it will be at the beginning of the slideshow. I’ll be honest with you though. Once I get to the 2014 stuff, the price is going up…you’re not getting vids this good for $5. It won’t be a ridiculous increase either, but remember that people know my style is different… now you’re going to be getting 1080p quality with the style you know me for..1080ps will start getting mixed with the 2014 vids..some of which are 720p while most of them are standard definition. That is when the site will take off to the next level..I have to raise the price..

    • hey man..I like to be honest about my stuff and I want you and all my members to be pleased with what’s on the site. I know you’re a boob guy and I’ve been getting a lot of boob vids..they really are easy should wait until sometime next week at least…the Dominican Day Parade is this sunday here in NYC, and I will be getting so many good vids that day that I will have some good boob vids up in the members area soon after the parade. You combine those with the ones I’ve already done but haven’t put up yet and you should be getting your money’s worth. Look for the all-dominican trailer on youtube and on the blog on monday..By the way though, I unfortunately am not close to releasing the video of the first girl in the third hd trailer with the bikini top..I can tell you that this video is beyond belief..there are some pics that I’ve taken from it that are unlike anything I’ve ever seen in a candid vid..that one you just got to have patience for..

      • Is it not ready? I’ve been getting subs regularly, you know I’m good for it. Your not a chick, I get it you gotta time your releases but please don’t start teasing like one. If your gonna post previews, make sure you deliver…you can delay, but be considerate your a guy I’m sure you get it

  1. Hey, just saw some of your preview videos. Plan to join when i see the first girl with the big boobs in the hd #3 video is added. Keep up the great work!

  2. Great vids, but man if you post the vid of that PR chick with the big tits in the bikini top I would join right away, and tell my friends to do the same. I have to agree strong with the other dude Matt in the comments, you cant be teasing us like that with the preview and then never put up the official video, c’mon man hook us up.

    • look, things have gotten to a point where I’ve decided to address the different kinds of fans I need to check the blog tomorrow…if not tomorrow, the update you need to read will be there ask me again if I’m still updating is like a joke to me, people on here know what I’ve been doing lately…I never run out of updates or take a really long time to update because I’m struggling to find material..that’s exactly what I’m talking about at the end of the first “about” page, so I don’t want to be asked that again..I fall behind on the samples area sometimes, but that’s because of certain things..just check the blog over the next 48 hours or so

        • You may have figured this out by now but it’s The information in the post is not meant to alienate anyone, it is just meant to let everyone know where I stand as far as this issue of making requests is concerned

  3. You have issue with me making requests? How about this, instead of you posting the DR chick so I get a renewed sub (as I’ve already done twice), how about we do like the first time. I will get a sub, in response you post the DR chick…just like necklaces girl. It’s up to you, but I think this is a win-win. Keep in mind I’m not just a leecher, not only do I support your work and communicate with you, I go out and shoot as well. I have so much stuff, much of it arguably on your level of quality. Someday I may share as well…

    • Sorry I took this long..I can’t make a commitment like that, but I have decided to come up with a release date for that vid cuz it’s getting that level of attention. There are some things I am going to release leading up to me putting it up as well.

        • It’s going to be mentioned in a new trailer coming out in a few days. It’s the all-boobs trailer. Look for it near the end of the trailer along with some additional footage from that video. It will not be on the site for a while since I don’t want to upset people on’ll see what I’ll be on youtube and on the blog..

  4. Rick nice material. This is NYC right? Can you tell me any good area/street where I can spot big booty girls like these? I’ve been in NYC few times already but all I see is like 9 tourist and 1 hot chick per mile. its boring 🙁

    • The deal with this question is this..I can tell you about some locations, but people know how I am about my main location..that info I won’t give to anybody. You either recognize it in the pics and videos or you don’’s too important..but like I said, I can tell you a few..anyone who is into doing candids in NYC should know about Midtown Manhattan..all you have to do is stick to the area between 34th st and times square..there are different avenues over there like 7th av and 6th av etc but that area between Penn Station and Times Square is very good. The prime recording hours when you’re on the streets is 3pm-7pm no matter where you are..but in this particular area it is known amongst pro-level candid guys that you can get serious vids there at is the best place to record at night in the entire city. The Corona/Jackson Heights area near Roosevelt Av in queens is also good..sometimes it’s really good..sometimes you’ll see some premium Colombians there..keep in mind though that these are some of my secondary areas..I can’t tell anyone where I tend to get my best vids done..

    • hey you should check out fullbody now to be honest with you. I’m working on the Dominican Trailer and I will be putting up some good vids from this year’s West Indian Parade soon on both sites. I’m putting up that vid you wanted of the BBW Colombian chick by the end of this week…I forgot that I told you I was putting it up. It’s still good enough to put up even though it wasn’t done as well as I wanted

      • i know bro had to make some budget cuts for alittle, but when i come back im renewing here and getting on full body capture #rickmanovereverthing lol

  5. Doubted to rejoin again due to lack of consistent updating but i did it again. Hope you dont dissapoint me myrickman. Everything is up and running like you say so i Hope i get the goods now for my money. It isnt Always Easy for me to (Financial wise) so please keep that in Mind. If Times get better i’ll join fullbodycaptures too. When will you drop a legendary boob vid again? Cant wait


    • Things have gotten to the point where I have to post something about my update rate over the past few months and the quality of content. I will be posting something soon on this topic on the blog, which I haven’t updated in a long time for certain reasons. I appreciate you coming back though

    • Haven’t put that out yet. I’m about to update the samples area. Look for the one in the banner in the Elite Asses Trailer I’m releasing soon. It should be out this weekend. I’ll put out that full vid soon after the trailer.

      • Thanks for the update, but it’s still not in the samples area I guess? You didn’t put the trailer out yet? I really want to see it and get a subscription. 🙂

          • Thanks fam, downloaded it. Looks great!
            Are these girls allready up for members or are you going to upload them slowly? What’s your youtube channel btw? Couldn’t find it on youtube?

          • If you watched the All-Dominican Trailer, and now also Elite Trailer, you know that we’re talking about a lot of girls. I’ve already put out some full videos of some of the girls in the All-Dominican Trailer. Over the next two or three months, I’ll have a lot of full videos of the girls in both trailers available. You have to keep in mind though that this is one of the reasons why I now have two sites. There’s a lot of content to get to. Two sites make it easier to get the videos up. That’s one of the reasons why Fullbodycaptures was important. You may not even know about that site, so there’s the link.

    • Rarely. In general, I can tell if they are fake too. I also let everyone on my sites know if I am sure that an ass is fake. I don’t need to record stuff like that much considering how good the natural ones are that I go for

  6. Hey I saw on Youtube several months ago a clip that was titled “East Indian Booty”. Do you have a sample of that? Thanks

  7. Ok thanks for that. But I remember on Youtube the video was a bit longer. I noticed on the Full Body Captures page there was a sample for that East Indian booty and the picture showed the content that was on the Youtube channel. However when I click on it, it doesn’t seem to play? Do you have another Youtube account or another site where I can view the slightly longer content?

    • I’m not sure which video you’re referring to. I certainly don’t come across many east indians who are good enough for me to hit the record button on. That is a rare occurrence and normally the east indians I record are boob chicks anyway..they don’t tend to have much booty. Edition 239 is the only East Indian I can remember doing a significant video of although I did record another east indian chick in 2015 who was very good, but I never put anything out about her because I decided that the video was not good enough for me to put up.

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