Edition 10 Vol2: Favorite of mine discovered in 2014







Uptownplayground Edition 10 Vol 2

Girl you see here is one I go back a long way seeing around. As I said in the Eliteasses Trailer, and you see here, she was discovered in 2014…same year I discovered Blondieass and Mollywoodz. She used to live in my main location for years and I used to see her around a lot. I did a bunch of videos of her in my main area, but I never put her online until now. She wouldn’t wear anything that was provocative enough and plus I think she got a little thicker than she used to be. I think she moved away back in 2018 and I was wondering what happened to her…I found out last year. This is her in 2014:

and this is her now. As you should know, I have another vid of her from last year to put up and I will get to it in which she has that brown and white dress on. Now this is an example of what I’ve always said about me not putting chicks online that I’ve filmed, particularly in my main location, over the years…but I have another example coming of a chick who I discovered in my main location, who has been plastered across candid sites, which I found out about through that candidzone site. I’ll get to it within a reasonable time. I have never put anything about her online…but it is time for me to let people know what the situation is with her.

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