5 thoughts on “Edition 9 Vol 2

  1. Hey do you post candids where you get caught and keep recording ? Are just get caught then stop ? If you can you should start posting vids like that or something ik you got a lot of those

    • May be spending too much time on copycat sites run by guys emulating and modeling themselves after me. They’re not even getting caught…the subjects are suspicious-they are not getting caught…unless the chick isn’t worth a damn. If she’s worth my time?…once caught, the situation is dead. When people emulate me, they want you to believe they’re getting caught so it seems to you that they have the balls and an ability to manipulate that they do not have……I never sold mine. The only reason why you’ve seen that on any other popular site is…because of me. It is hard for me to believe how many new fans don’t know…what you’re talking about is something that was never seen often on any paysite until it was seen on Uptownplayground. What you’re talking about is called “interplay” in candids. It doesn’t matter how much studying and emulating these guys do, some things cannot be copied…like this….

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